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East Express E-Newsletter
June 2, 2016

HUNTINGTON REEDS LAKE RUN ROAD CLOSURES. The Reeds Lake Run is this Saturday! Please note, many roads will be closed during the morning. Public Safety officers will be stationed throughout the race route and will let traffic through only when there is a safe gap in the runners. We appreciate everyone's cooperation to keep our runners and motorists safe. You can view the course map here.  

Reeds Lake Run logo
HUNTINGTON REEDS LAKE RUN ON FOX 17. Susan Perry, race director, and Michael Lindley, from the race's title sponsor Huntington Bank, sat down with Todd Chance on the FOX 17 Morning Mix yesterday morning. Watch the segment here.  

 TV camera
SUMMER ORDINANCE BLOG. Taking a few minutes to brush up on these ordinances will make sure you, your family and your neighbors have a safe summer.  

 Rule definition
UNITED BANK CONCERTS IN THE PARK. Grab your lawn chair and picnic basket and join us for free family-friendly concerts on Mondays at 7 p.m. in John Collins Park. All are welcome. For a full line up of concerts, click here.  

 Summer concert series
BREAK-IN ALERT. You may have seen that there have been several break-ins over the last several weeks in EGR. We'd like to thank everyone's help in being proactive and spreading the word so we can keep EGR a safe place to live. Please remember to always lock your doors and lock valuables up. If you ever see suspicious behavior, please call 9-1-1 immediately. 

 Burglar alert
LAKE DRIVE PROJECT UPDATE: The Lake Drive project is progressing well. The water main replacement will be completed this week with the exception for the tie in to Lakeside Drive through the intersection. The contractor is also currently working on storm sewer repair work as well. On June 13, the second phase of the project will begin. This will extend the road closure of Lake Drive between Plymouth and Hall for construction between Bagley and Conlon. 

 Construction signage
KDL PARK PARTIES. The KDL summer park parties are back! This year, they are kicking off with "A Hooping Good Time with Audacious Hoops." Watch a lively, interactive hula hoop show. There will also be hula hoops available for everyone to give it a whirl. This event will be held in John Collins Park on Thursday, June 16 at 2 p.m. Visit KDL's website to search for other park party events happening this summer.  

 Hula hoop
MOVIES IN THE PARK. This fun, family friendly event is back with a great line up of movies! Come down to the beautiful scenery of John Collins Park on the shores of Reeds lake for a great evening with your family, friends and neighbors. For a list of movies and more details, click here 

 Movie in the Park
YARD SIGN REGULATIONS. We have noticed a number of yard sale, home for sale and open house signs have gone up in the City right-of-way and on electric poles. Please note, this is a violation of City Ordinance. If you are planning to have a sign in your yard, there are a few rules to follow: 
  • Temporary signs must be at least five feet back from the public sidewalk. 
  • Contractor signs are allowed only while the work is going on – not from the time you sign the deal until the last payment is made. You can always have your contractor contact us about specific questions. 
  • They are never allowed between the sidewalk and the street, especially where clear vision would be obstructed, or anywhere else on public property. 

Our Public Works crews will be looking for signs that are in violation and will remove them. Questions? Call us at 616.940.4817 

 Yard sign
TRAIL BLAZER. Registration for the Reeds Lake Trail Blazer 5K is now open. The run and walk, which will be held on July 4, welcomes runners, walkers, families and stroller participants. This year the race will be timed, benefiting those who like to track their competitive time. For more information and to register, click here.  

 Packet pickup
TREES AND SHRUBS OBSTRUCTING SIDEWALKS AND CLEAR VISION AREAS. Chapter 32 section 3.4 of the City Code prohibits trees, shrubs, etc. from obstructing public ways and clear vision areas. Please make sure that any trees or shrubs, bushes, etc. are clear from impeding over sidewalks. The required height for clearance over a street or sidewalk is 10 feet, meaning that trees can overhang sidewalks at a lesser height. Clear vision areas at street corners may not have plant height in excess of 30 inches in 20 foot by 20 foot triangle areas adjacent to street corners. 

STOP! Don’t Flush That Wipe! Did you know that baby wipes may say they are flushable, but they really aren’t? It turns out “flushable” wipes — including adult wipes, cleaning wipes, and toddler wipes — are actually hazardous to our wastewater system. Only toilet paper should be flushed down our toilets. It is the only paper designed to break down as it travels through the wastewater treatment process. All others are NOT designed to breakdown -- creating problems within the system. They can cause blockages in your home’s sewer line that could lead to costly plumber repairs.

 Wipes graphic
BRIARWOOD LIFT STATION NOTICE. The Briarwood lift station project will be starting on Monday, June 6. The lift station is located on the northwest corner of Briarwood and Wealthy. There will be a traffic shift on Wealthy to accommodate work space for the contractors but Wealthy will remain open to traffic. No sanitary sewer service will be interrupted for residents in this area. 

 Work zone begins
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