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City of East Grand Rapids
750 Lakeside Drive SE
East Grand Rapids, MI 49506
Ph: 616-949-2110
Fx: 616-940-4884
Pool Information

High School Pool
2211 Lake Drive - EGR, MI 49506
  • 25 yards, 14 lanes, diving well with two one-meter boards and one three-meter board, four feet to 13 feet deep
  • Pool temperature maintained at 79 degrees
  • Handicap chair lift available
  • Pool uses include: open swim, lap swim, swim team practices, youth programs, scuba diving, rentals, and more
  • Pool is accessed by entry-way on Wealthy Street next to Ramona's Table
Wealthy Pool
1961 Lake Dr, EGR, MI  49506
  • 20 yards, 4 lanes, 4-5 ft deep
  • Pool temperature maintained at 86-87 degrees
  • Handicap Chair Lift Available
  • Pool uses include family swim, aerobic exercise, youth programs, rentals, and more.
  • Pool entrance is located at the NW side of Wealthy Elementary School, at the top of the small staircase and handicap ramp.

Betsy Granstra
Aquatics Supervisor

750 Lakeside Drive SE
East Grand Rapids MI 49506

Ph: 616-949-1750
Fx: 616-831-6144

After Office Hours Number
616-940-4800 ext. 602

Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.