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City of East Grand Rapids
750 Lakeside Drive SE
East Grand Rapids, MI 49506
Ph: 616-949-2110
Fx: 616-940-4884
Academy Tennis Camps (College, HS, Advanced MS)

For more information about our Academies and Instructors go to:

Elite Tennis Academy

The Elite Academy is for High School singles players, 
USTA tournament players and College players.  
This group will focus on advanced technique, singles 
strategy with constant point play.  Shot selection and 
structuring points will be emphasized every day in our
drills and match play.  The players in this group need to 
be very goal driven as we will be pushing them to their
limits mentally and physically.

FYI: See below to sign up for individual weeks 
or for all 10 week sessions.

Instructors: (USPTA Certified/Varsity Coaches)
Location: Canepa Tennis Ctr. 
Time: 11:00am-1:30pm
Fees: Res. $120, Non. Res. $140

CODE                          DAYS                  DATES        
11026-A                    M-Th                  6/13-6/16                              
11026-B                    M-Th                  6/20-6/23                              
11026-C                    M-Th                  6/27-6/30                              
11026-D                    Tu-F                   7/5-7/8                                  
11026-E                    M-Th                  7/11-7/14                              
11026-F                     M-Th                  7/18-7/21                              
11026-G                    M-Th                  7/25-7/28                              
11026-H                    M-Th                  8/1-8/4                                  
11026-I                      M-Th                  8/8-8/11                                                
1026-J                       M-Th                 8/15-8/18                              
*Sign up for all 10 week sessions.
CODE         DAYS     DATES              RES            NR
11026-S     M-Th     6/13-8/16    $1000       $1080 
High School Doubles Academy 
Our High School Doubles group is for varsity 
and JV players.  We will be very focused on teaching 
all aspects of doubles play with a strong emphasis 
on volleys, overheads, serves and returns.  The match 
play portion will focus on positioning, strategy and 
all fundamentals needed for winning doubles. 
Sessions I and J time change 11:00-1:30 

FYI: See below to sign up for individual weeks 
or for all 10 week sessions. 
Instructors: USPTA Certified, Varsity Coaches, College Players
Location: Canepa Tennis Ctr.
Time: 4:00pm-6:30pm 
Fees: Res. $120, Non. Res. $140

CODE             DAYS              DATES
11025-A         M-Th                 6/13-6/16 
11025-B         M-Th                 6/20-6/23 
11025-C         M-Th                 6/27-6/30 
11025-D        *Tu-F                  7/5-7/8    
11025-E         M-Th                  7/11-7/14 
11025-F         M-Th                  7/18-7/21 
11025-G        M-Th                  7/25-7/28 
11025-H        M-Th                  8/1-8/4    
11025-I          M-Th                  8/8-8/11    (11:00-1:30)
11025-J         M-Th                  8/15-8/18   (11:00-1:30)
*Sign up for all 10 week sessions.
CODE         DAYS     DATES                RES         NR
11025-S     M-Th     6/8-8/13            $1000     $1080