City Manager

City Government

The City of East Grand Rapids operates under the city commission/city manager form of government. Under this structure, the elected mayor and city commission are responsible for establishing the laws, policies, and budget for the city. The city manager is appointed by the City Commission to oversee day-to-day operations of the city, budget preparation, personnel decisions, policy implementation, and ordinance enforcement.

About the City Manager

Brian Donovan has been the city manager of East Grand Rapids since 1993. He has over 30 years of service in city government. He has a BA in Political Science from Miami University (Ohio) and a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Kansas. Brian is a resident of East Grand Rapids and enjoys walking the Reeds Lake Trail, biking on the many West Michigan trails, and gardening at home.

City Clerk

The city clerk is a part of city manager’s Office and is responsible for agenda preparation, records management, publication of required legal notices, election management, and coordinating communication with the residents of the city.