Complaints Against Neighbors

Neighbor complaints are often civil in nature and can be handled on a limited basis by public safety officers. Officers will often attempt to mediate between two neighbors and can offer referrals to the proper authority over such concerns as property line disputes, shared driveways, trespassing, and daytime noise disturbance. 

Only a public safety officer has authority regarding criminal matters and will handle such complaints per department policy.

Complaints Against Officers

Citizens may file a complaint against an officer at any time by contacting the supervisor on duty, in person or by phone. Citizens may also send their complaint via mail, addressed to the Director of Public Safety, Mark A. Herald. All complaints will be forwarded to the Patrol Commander who will initiate an Internal Affairs investigation. To file a complaint against an officer, use contact information on the right.

Those filing a complaint are generally contacted the next business day to set up an appointment to discuss the reason(s) for the complaint and obtain pertinent information. In most cases, the complainant is notified by mail within two weeks of the investigation’s findings and offered the opportunity to contest the findings if deemed necessary.