A go-ped is motorized vehicle ridden standing up that looks like an old-style, non-motorized scooter. Under Michigan law, a go-ped fits the definition of a moped, due to the motor. Therefore, all of the laws pertaining to mopeds pertain to go-peds. Specific legal requirements include:
  • Certain required equipment (i.e., helmet, etc.)
  • Required operation on the street (A go-ped is strictly prohibited from being ridden on a sidewalk or bike path.)
  • A valid drivers’ license or be 15 years old and have a special moped license, and be registered with the secretary of state (The Secretary of State will not register go-peds because they do not have the legally required equipment. Therefore, go-ped operators have no choice but to confine their go-pedding to private property.)

Motorboat Operation by a Minor

Children under 12 can’t operate a motorboat unless the motor is no greater than 35 horsepower and they are under the direct supervision of a person 16 years old or older. Children ages 12 to 15 can operate a motorboat if either of these apply: 
  1. He/she is accompanied by at least 1 person 16 years of age or older.
  2. He/she is in possession of a boating safety certificate issued after he/she has satisfactorily completed an approved boating safety course.