Winter 1 Sports

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Boys Basketball League 7th and 8th (A,B and Rec teams)
Must be enrolled as an EGR Middle School student to participate.

Evaluation Goal:
To ensure that team placements are fairly and objectively
determined. To give each player the chance to make the A or B teams
depending on their talent level.

Evaluation Dates
All players wanting to be place on a team should attend the 3 scheduled eval dates (TBD). 
7th grade: 4:00-5:30 and 8th Grade: 6:00-7:30

League Rules: (4) 8-minute quarters. All players are guaranteed the
equivalent of (1) 8-minute quarter determined by the coach.

Team make-ups:
Players will be evaluated and placed on either the A ,B or Rec teams.
We will have (1) A Team of 12 players and (1) B Team of 12 players and the remaining players will be placed on Rec. teams. Transportation not provided.

Interscholastic "A" and "B" Team Format:
Commitment level: Monday through Thursday
-12 game schedule and will play against schools in the West Michigan Middle school league.
-Practice: Times TBD by coach, Days T/TH
Monday games:  A teams will play at 4:00/4:15pm and B teams at 5:00/5:15pm
Wednesday games: B teams will play at 4:00/4:15pm and A teams at 5:00/5:15pm. 
Rec. League Format: 
Players will receive a reduced fee and be randomly placed on teams.
Commitment level: 2 days a week (TBD when schedule is finalized)
Typical week: teams will either have 2 practices a week or 1 practice and 1 game.
-6 game schedule which will consist of Inter-Squad games and the possibility of playing some Forest Hills schools depending on availability.
-Practice times: TBD between 6-7 or 7-8 at Lakeside Gym(TBD).
-Game times: 4:00-5:00pm or 5:00-6:00pm

Interscholastic 6-8 Coed Swim and Dive 

(Grades: Coed 6- 8) 

2019-2020 swim season (More information to come)
Girls Season: Nov-Jan
Boys Season: Feb/March