Pool Information

High School Pool

2211 Lake Drive, EGR, MI 49506

  • 25 yards, 14 lanes, diving well with two one-meter boards and one three-meter board, four feet to 13 feet deep
  • Pool temperature maintained at 79 degrees
  • Handicap chair lift available
  • Pool uses include: open swim, lap swim, swim team practices, youth programs, scuba diving, rentals, and more
  • Pool is accessed by entry-way door located at the northwest corner of the school building off Wealthy Street 

Wealthy Pool

1961 Lake Dr, EGR, MI  49506

  • 20 yards, 4 lanes, 4-5 ft deep
  • Pool temperature maintained at 86-87 degrees
  • Handicap Chair Lift Available
  • Pool uses include family swim, aerobic exercise, youth programs, rentals, and more.
  • Pool entrance is located at the NW side of Wealthy Elementary School, at the top of the small staircase and handicap ramp.