Lifeguard / Water Safety Instructor

Lifeguard Training (Ages 15 )

Are you 15 or older and looking for a great summer job or a challenging career? American Red Cross Lifeguarding is the best place to start! Certification includes: Lifeguarding, First Aid, CPR For Professional, Oxygen Administration, Preventing Disease Transmission and AED.



 · Minimum age of 15. 

 · 300-yard swim: 100 yards front crawl, 100 yards of 

breast stroke & 100 yards of front crawl or breaststroke. 

 · 20-yard swim, surface dive, retrieve a 10-pound object from a 

depth of 7’ swim back and exit the pool within 1 minute 40 seconds. 

 · Tread water for 2 minutes without arms.

Location:    High School Pool @ EGR High School
Min. 8/Max. 12

              DAYS                 DATES                       TIME                     RES        NR   

   No classes are currently scheduled for Spring 2023


Lifeguard Training Update (Ages 15 )

Is your lifeguard certification about to expire? Come and join us to renew your Lifeguarding, First Aid, CPR for the Professional Rescuer/AED, and Blood Borne Pathogens. You must have current or just expired certification for this course.  *Must be currently certified!

Location:    High School Pool @ EGR High School

Instructor: American Red Cross Certified LGI

Min. 10/Max. 15

           DAYS                DATES               TIME                       RES        NR

          NO classes are currently scheduled for Spring 2023

 *students must email a copy of their certification to to complete their registration.  Only current certifications or those that have expired in the last 30 days will be accepted. 





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    Betsy Granstra

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