Rhoades McKee Reeds Lake Triathlon/Duathlon
Volunteer Opportunities

Show your support for the community and volunteer at the Rhoades McKee Reeds Lake Triathlon/Duathlon, always on the Saturday after Labor Day. General guidelines for the specific volunteer stations are listed below. Please call us at 949-1750 if you are interested. All volunteers will receive a t-shirt in recognition of their efforts.

Online Volunteer Registration

Volunteer Packet Pick-up Times:

Where: EGR Parks and Recreation Dept. @ 750 Lakeside Dr. SE, EGR, MI 49506.

When: TBD

If you have questions please contact Pam Slater 

Aid Stations
Aid stations exist around the race courses. The main responsibility of the Aid stations is to pass out water and Gatorade to participants as they run by. Do not offer water to participants on their bikes. On really hot days, some runners want to be sprayed with a hose, which is also available at the aid station. A city vehicle will follow the last runner and pick up the course and aid stations then release you from duty.


The main job at these locations is to ensure the safety of the participants by controlling traffic. You will be informed if you are on a bike course or run course. At all the assigned intersections, traffic will have to stop because of a stop sign.

The volunteer needs to inform the motorist that a race is in progress and you will allow them to enter the street when a biker or runner is not approaching. Ask them to use caution when driving and to be very careful if making any turns. You would also be responsible to detour traffic when able. Know the area you are at. If vehicles are going toward a major intersection on the course, let them know there will probably be a traffic delay and they may be better off to detour around the race course. A city truck will follow the last participant and inform you that you are finished. Stay at your assigned location until the city truck comes.

Swim Course

If you have a current lifeguard training certificate and/or scuba training, we could use your help during the swimming portion of the race. Volunteers will be needed from approximately 6:30 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. Volunteers are needed in the following areas:

  • Boat Drivers - Your responsibilities will be to keep your boat to the outside of the swimmers, close enough to throw rescue equipment to the swimmers, if necessary. Boats can consist of motorboats, rowboats, or kayaks.
  • Scuba Divers - Your responsibility is to patrol the inside of the swimming course. Also, please refer to the notes pertaining to boat drivers.
  • Lifeguards - Your responsibilities will be to stay along the inside of the swim course and assist any swimmer calling out for help or raising a hand. You need to remain on the course until the last swimmer finishes.