Youth Football FAQs

The Youth Football program is a full contact (tackle) football program for children in grades 3-6. Your child does not have to be an East Grand Rapids resident to participate. Each child will be placed in the group of the grade they are going into in the fall. The focus is on learning how to play the game of football and have fun doing it. Below you'll find some FAQ's that are typically asked each year.

Frequently Asked Questions:

•Are requests for specific coaches, teams, practice schedules, or game times accepted? 
    No, much as we would like to, we are unable to accept or satisfy any special requests. Thanks for your understanding.

•What will be my child's team game schedule this year? 
    The season consists of 7 games each Saturday beginning the first Saturday after Labor Day, and ending 7 weeks after that date. Your team's opponent, game location, and game time, is scheduled by the WMYFL league. 

•Where are games played? 
    Home games are played at Memorial Field.  Away games could be played at one of the other WMYFL teams (in West Michigan).

•How are players assigned to a Team? 
    Teams are constructed through controlled draft process. Each coach is able to request 5 players. The 5 requested players include the head coaches child and any assistant coaches child. If a head coach has three assistant coaches with children, then coach only has one open request for the draft. The children that are not requested by a coach are drafted based on DOB, weight, and playing experience, and then evenly distributed to a team in their age group by the WMYFL.

•What is the practice schedule typically like? 
    Each team will have 4 conditioning practices the first week, and 2-3 practices each week after that and through the season. Each team's practice schedule and practice location is determined by each team's head coach. Practices locations are generally at Wealthy Elementary or Manhattan Park.

•Are there weight limits? 
    Yes. Each player's weight must be at or under the limits listed below in order to participate in practices or games. This is a league requirement. Each player is weighed before each game in full equipment, less helmet. If your child is over the weight limit at game time,  a orange sticker will be placed on their helmet and they can only play the line for that game.  We do not allow your child to play up to the next age group if they are over the weight limit.

The weight limits for each age group is as follows:

3rd/4th grade = 125 lbs.
5th/6th grade = 145 lbs.

•What equipment is needed? 
    Each player must provide his/her own helmet, football pants/pads, shoulder pads, practice jersey, football cleats (metal or screw in cleats are not permitted), and mouth guard. Jerseys are provided by the Parks and Recreation Department and must be returned at season end. Please make sure the football pants are white and the helmet white.

•Are there any rules concerning playing time? 
    League rules concerning playing time are very clear. The WMYFL rule is "All players shall start on either offense, defense or specialty teams; and thereafter play as equally as possible." In East Grand Rapids, we insist that our coaches follow this. Coaches do have some discretion to try different line-ups during the course of a game but this should not impact your child's playing time. If you any concerns or questions about your child's playing time, please discuss it immediately with your coach.