Construction Updates

Looking for 2020 construction highlights? Read this year's Construction Recap.

 Water/Sewer Utility Work

Sanitary Sewer Lift Station Projects 2021
Sanitary sewer lift stations located on Reeds Lake Blvd at the DPW Complex and Greenwood/Lakeside Drive will be overhauled with new piping, pumps, and electrical from December through April. Project work will be confined to site locations and no impact is anticipated for residents.
  • Greenwood at Lakeside will have intermittent lane closures Monday(2/15/21) through Tuesday(2/16/21). There will be a full closure Wednesday (2/17/21) through Friday(2/19/21) The detour will be Lakeside to Wealthy  for through traffic.
  • Greenwood at Lakeside will be closed on Monday(2/22/21) at 9:00 AM  through Saturday(2/27/21). The detour will be Lakeside to Wealthy for through traffic.
Project Areas/Updates
  • Beechwood Drive  from Lake Grove Avenue to Beechwood Gravel Section (1600 LF of 6 inch cast iron main installed in 1925) 
  • Gladstone Avenue from Lake Drive to Wealthy Street (450 LF of 6 inch cast iron main installed in 1925) 
Click here for notice.
Contractor: Fer Pal
What is water main CIPP?
CIPP is a trenchless process to rehabilitate water mains. This process is less invasive and less disruptive than open cut utility replacement. Before the existing water main is removed from service, a temporary above ground water service system is put into place. Once the temporary system is in place and has passed required testing, the contractor will contact residents to remove water meters from homes before connecting to this system. The existing water main is then taken out of service. Access pits, which EGR DPW crews will have pre-excavated, are used to access segments of the water main. At these sites the contractor cleans the water main with a metal chain reamer and inspects the pipe with closed-circuit television to map water service locations. After this is completed, plugs are inserted at water service locations by specialized robotic equipment. Then the new liner is inserted, epoxy resin is injected and hot water is circulated to cure the new liner into the new structural pipe within the old (host) pipe. When this is completed, hydrostatic pressure testing is conducted, water services are reinstated, and the new pipe is disinfected, flushed and tested. Water services are then brought back into service, water the contractor contacts residents to reinstall water meters and the temporary system is removed. Restorations are then completed in the project areas. Water service lines that the City owns (between the main and the stop box/shut off in the public right-of-way) that need replacement will take  place this summer, fall and into the winter.

For more technical information or FAQ’s with respect to the water main CIPP product/process, please visit the following link provided below:

Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation:
Contractor: Corby Energy Services - Project Manager Josh Freeman (734) 604-5109

The following areas will receive sanitary sewer rehabilitation starting in the end of March and into June of 2021. Notices will be sent in advance of work, and door hangers will be utilized by the city's contractor Corby Energy Services. Schedule updates will be in BOLD.

Project areas:
  • Pioneer Club Road - Reeds Lake Boulevard to Manhattan Road 
  • Wealthy Street - Lovett Avenue to Bagley Avenue 
  • Wealthy Street - Lovett Avenue to Bagley Avenue 
  • Orchard Avenue - Argentina Drive to Lakeside Drive
  • Wealthy Street - Cambridge Boulevard to 150' West of Plymouth
  • San Lu Rae Drive - 150' West of San Lucia Drive
Storm Sewer Rehabilitation:
Contractor: Corby Energy Services - Project Manager Josh Freeman (734) 604-5109

The following areas will receive storm sewer rehabilitation starting in the end of March and into June of 2021. Notices will be sent in advance of work, and door hangers will be utilized by the city's contractor Corby Energy Services. Schedule updates will be in BOLD.
  • Richards Drive to Maplewood Drive Cross Lot Storm Sewer 
  • Woodcliff Drive - 1520 Woodcliff Drive Cross Lots to the East
  • Cambridge Drive - 1100 Cambridge Spot Repair 
Manhole and Catch Basin Rehabilitation Program: 

Contractor: Advanced Rehabilitation Technology (ART)

The following work will be completed April through July. Schedule updates will be in BOLD

Contractor: Havener Tech, INC

The following work will take place from April through July. Schedule updates will be in BOLD

Street and Sidewalk Construction Updates

  • In 2015, City residents passed a ballot proposal to allow the City to collect 2.0 mills for street and sidewalk improvements. Since the passing, the City has worked aggressively to upgrade the 47 miles of street and 80 miles of sidewalk within the City.
  • Construction projects are subject to change depending on bid results and allocated funds. 
The Cost of Timely Maintenance
Proper street maintenance and surface preservation treatments at the right time (per PASER asset condition rating) is important to maintain the street surface condition, maximizing the impact of investment, while extending the life of the street asset.

Michigan Transportation Asset Management Council

The Michigan Transportation Asset Management Council (TAMC) provides best practices for road preservation based on a roads specific PASER rating. The city uses these best practices when deciding how to best preserve the lifespan of our roads. Please click here to see the recommended surface treatments in accordance to PASER ratings, and click here to go to the Michigan Transportation Asset Management
Council's website.


Street (PASER) Ratings Maps 

*More information on dates of work will be posted in advance once that information becomes available*
*Once work begins, updates will be posted on this page weekly*

2021 Road Projects Map

2021 Mill/Overlay Streets

A “mill & overlay” is a street maintenance process that requires the removal of the top layer of a street by a milling machine. After the top layer is removed any road base repairs are completed. Before the new pavement is placed, the surface of the newly milled pavement is covered with a liquid asphalt tack coat to bond the old and new pavements before a new layer of bituminous pavement is put in place. Mill and overlay projects at various depths are designated for streets that meet PASER 2-4 ratings. Spot curb replacement, drainage issues and some ADA ramps are also typically addressed during mill/overlay projects. This type of work will be done in the following areas: Schedule updates will be in BOLD

Phase 1 (April to May)

  • Asbury Road - Brighton to End 

Phase 2 (May to June)

  • Tenway Drive - Englewood to Oxford
  • Richards Drive - Breton to Lake Grove
  • Richards Drive - Conlon to Andover
  • Wilshire Drive - Breton to Oakwood
  • Anderson Drive - Hall to Pinecrest 
  • Lenox Road - Hall to Anderson
  • Orchard Avenue - Hall to Burchard
  • San Jose Drive - Burchard to Argentina

Phase 3 (June and July)

  • Orchard Avenue - Lakeside to Argentina
  • Lakeside Drive - Lake Drive to Argentina
  • Santa Cruz Drive - Argentina to Coronado End
  • Gladstone Drive - Sherman to Reed Street
  • Locust Avenue - Lake Drive to Sherman
**Additional work scheduled with the 2021 Mill/Overlay Streets Project
  • Exter Road - Englewood to Brighton
  • Floral Avenue- San Lu Rae to Argentina
  • Wren Avenue - Woodcliff Circle to Bonnell

Street construction is scheduled in phases to minimize construction impact duration. Each phase will start and be completed before the next phase begins. Construction started in phase 1 on April 12th and phase 3 will be completed by the end of June or early July.

2021 Capeseal Streets

In the cape seal process an engineered polymer-modified RCRI is applied on the existing pavement and then covered with Micro-Surfacing. This is a cost-effective process that provides the strength and durability of RCRI and the smoothness and texture of micro-surfacing and/or slurry seal. A cape seal is applied when the pavement deterioration is greater than what a slurry seal or micro-surfacing is designed to correct, yet the pavement has not deteriorated to the point of requiring an expensive asphalt overlay. A cape seal prevents water penetration, reducing subsequent damage to the road bed, along with providing a new wearing surface. Cape seals are applied to streets rated PASER 4/5 to 6 depending on additional pavement surface maintenance. Cape seals can be used on residential streets as well as rural and urban highways. Used with crack sealing and necessary surface repairs, a cape seal significantly extends the life of a pavement. In advance of this treatment the City prepares the existing road surface by milling and paving out rough surface areas and performing crack sealing. This advance preparation work usually takes 1-2 days and is completed with appropriate traffic control. Please expect traffic delays on these streets, and please be courteous and respectful of crews on site controlling traffic. This type of work will be done in the following areas: Schedule updates will be in BOLD

  • Boston Street (Breton Road to Laurel Avenue) 
  • Lake Grove Avenue (Hall Street to Lake Drive) 
  • Princeton Boulevard (Lake Drive to End)
  • Hall Street Eastbound (Lake Drive to Woodcliff Drive)
  • Hall Street Westbound (Woodcliff Circle to Bonnell Avenue)
  • San Lu Rae Drive (Lake Drive to Plymouth Road)
  • Wealthy Street (Lakeside Drive to Lovett Avenue)
  • Lakeside Drive (Lansing Street to Robinson Road)
Visit the Strawser Construction website for real time updates including any cancellations. 

2021 Micro-Surface Streets

Micro-surfacing, a cost-effective pavement maintenance process used by DOT's and municipalities across the country, is a design mixture of polymer-modified asphalt emulsion, crushed aggregate, mineral fillers, water, and additives. The mixture is properly proportioned, mixed, and uniformly spread over a suitably prepared surface. Micro-surfacing is a pavement preservation treatment for street surfaces rated at PASER 5 or 6. Micro-surfacing provides a quality wearing surface, extends pavement life, sets within a day, seals out moisture and does not require utility casting adjustments. In advance of this treatment the City prepares the existing road surface by milling and paving out rough surface areas and performing crack sealing. This type of work will be done in the following areas: Schedule updates will be in BOLD
  • Laurel Circle  (Lake Drive to End)  
Visit the Strawser Construction website for real time updates including any cancellations. 

Sidewalk Construction 

As part of the 2015 Streets and Sidewalks Millage the City has been investing more funds into the annual sidewalk rehab and replacement program. Each year, targeted areas are investigated on a rotation basis. The targeted area is subject to budget constraints. 

Preventative Maintenance 

Streets that are not marked for construction this summer may still receive preventative maintenance if necessary. City DPW crews or contractors crack seal and/or apply mastic to PASER rated streets that are rated 6/7 throughout the spring and summer seasons. Please see the updated PASER map above for designated street ratings.

Notices for Road Construction

Notices are mailed to residents on affected streets in advance of any work. Notices will be posted below as they are being mailed out.
FY 20-21 Sidewalk replacement notice to impacted residents 
Argentina Traffic Circle Notice
Elmwood Traffic Circle Notice
Argentina Traffic Circle Follow-Up Letter
Argentina/Pinecrest Traffic Circle Plans
Argentina/San Lu Rae Traffic Circle Plans
Elmwood Traffic Circle Plans
2020 Street Mill/Overlay Construction Notice
2020 Cape-seal Construction Notice
2020 Micro-seal Construction Notice
Strawser Cape-seal Door Hanger Notice
Strawser Micro-seal Door Hanger Notice
Oakwood Paving Delay Door Hanger Notice
Pioneer Club Rd Doorhanger 10/19/2020
Pioneer Club Rd Doorhanger 10/28/20


Street & Sidewalk Millage 

On May 5, 2015, East Grand Rapids voters approved a 10-year, 2.0-mill Streets and Sidewalks Millage request. The city updates our progress towards our 70% goal each fall after the construction season to benchmark our progress. The City has 47.26 miles of streets. Below is a graph of our current progress reflecting the road work completed this summer of 2019. The new PASER map can be downloaded here.

2020 PASER Ratings

  • Blue line shows road condition projection if no additional funding was received.  
  • Green line projects road conditions through the 10-year period of the Street & Sidewalk Millage using the additional 2.0 mills approved by East Grand Rapids voters. 
  • Red line shows current ratings with approved millage. 

DTE Private Utility Gas Main Projects 2020

DTE Energy will be continuing their Gas Renewal Project (GRP) throughout multiple areas of the city. Please download the links below for more information:

Map of DTE work areas with project timeline dates
"Appointment Needed" Door hanger
1st DTE Mailer to residents
"Relight for Distribution" Door hanger
"Upgrade Completed" Door hanger
DTE Construction Restoration Notice Rd: COVID-19
2nd DTE Mailer to residents

For any questions or complaints, please call DTE at 616-551-2621.


Information Links:

Questions regarding the East Grand Rapids Streets & Sidewalk millage can be directed to 616-949-2110 or to City Clerk Karen Brower by email or to 750 Lakeside Drive SE, EGR MI 49506.