Street & Sidewalk Construction Update

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In 2015, City residents passed a ballot proposal to allow the City to collect 2.0 mills for street and sidewalk improvements. Since the passing, the City has worked aggressively to upgrade the 47 miles of street and 80 miles of sidewalk within the City.

Below is the proposed list of 2017/18 projects. Note: 2017/18 projects are still awaiting final bids and approval from the City Commission so this project list is subject to change.  

2017 Signature Project: Gaslight Village Wealthy Street

The largest project of this season will be the rehabilitation of a 100-year-old water main under Wealthy Street in Gaslight Village as well as a repaving of the road. The rehabilitation will use a method called cured-in-place piping – an innovative solution that will allow us to rehab the pipe while minimizing the inconvenience for businesses and village patrons.

The first phase of the project (water main rehab) will begin in the beginning of July and, baring any unforeseen circumstances, will be wrapped up by mid-August. The second phase of the project (repaving) will take place either directly after the water main rehab, if time allows, or in the fall. The goal is not to have construction affect Gaslight Village Business Association’s Taste of East.

During the project, Wealthy Street will be accessible, but it will be converted to a temporary one-way westbound lane. Sidewalks will be open.

To learn more about cured-in-place piping, click here

Wealthy Street Detour Map

Wealthy Detour Map

2017-2018 Project Overview

Street and Utility Project Map

Street Related Projects:

Lake Dr.-Hall St. to East City Limit 
Spring 2017-Advance 
Wealthy St.-Lakeside Dr. to Lovett Ave.  
Summer 2017
Storm Sewer-ROW-Plymouth Rd.-Franklin St. to Lake Dr.  
Spring/Summer 2017
Sidewalks-Target Area-South of Boston-East of Breton 
then West of Breton from South City Limit North until budget is met
Summer/Fall 2017 
Reeds Lake Blvd.-Pioneer Club Rd. to Manhattan Rd.
Spring 2018
Argentina Dr.-Breton Rd. to Pinecrest Ave.  
Spring 2018
Boston St.-Andover Rd. to Conlon Ave.  
*Alternate-Boston St. Conlon to York Dr.
Spring 2018
Floral Ave.-Argentina Dr. to San Jose Dr.
Spring 2018 
Andover Ln.-Berwyk Rd. to End Spring 2018
York Dr.-Berwyk Rd. to Richards Dr. 
Spring 2018                
Estelle Dr./Eastlawn Rd.-Elmwood Dr. to Audobon Dr. 
Spring 2018
Whitfield Rd.-  Englewood Dr. to End
Spring 2018
Ogden Ave.-Argentina Dr. to Lake Dr.
Spring 2018 
Maxwell Ave.-Argentina Dr. to Lake Dr. 
Spring 2018
Arundel Rd.-Berwyk Rd. to Conlon Ave.     
Spring 2018
Replacement of Signal Flasher-Plymouth Rd/Blodgett Hospital
Summer/Fall 2017
Replacement of Traffic Signal-Lakeside Dr./Robinson Rd.
Summer/Fall 2017

Water/Sewer Utility Projects

Wealthy St.-Lakeside Dr. to Lovett Ave. (Water Main-CIPP)
*Bid alternate Indian Trail Rd.-Frederick Dr.
Summer 2017
Sanitary Sewer-CIPP- Various per SAW/PACP
Summer/Fall 2017
Argentina Dr.-Breton Rd. to Pinecrest Ave. (Water Main)
Spring 2018
Boston Rd.-Andover Rd to Conlon Ave. (Water Main)
*Bid alternate-Boston St. Conlon to York Dr.
Spring 2018

Preventative maintenance 

Preventative street maintenance is scheduled to take place during the month of June that will have an impact on several major streets in East Grand Rapids. 

Traffic on the streets noted during these times will be impacted. The City encourages motorists and residents avoid these streets during the timeframes noted by seeking alternative routes or plan extra time for their destinations with traffic delays present. 

The schedule is subject to change depending on weather. This preventative maintenance work and treatment applications are made possible by the 2015 Streets and Sidewalks Millage and are important to maintain City streets. The City appreciates patience and understanding while this important work takes place.

For a list of preventative maintenance projects, please click here

Street and Sidewalk Millage 

On May 5, 2015, East Grand Rapids voters approved a 10-year, 2.0-mill Streets and Sidewalks Millage request.  

EGR Paser Ratings

  • Blue line shows road condition projection if no additional funding was received.  
  • Green line projects road conditions through the 10-year period of the Street & Sidewalk Millage using the additional 2.0 mills approved by East Grand Rapids voters. 
  • Red line shows current ratings with approved millage. 


Information Links:

Questions regarding the East Grand Rapids Streets & Sidewalk millage can be directed to 616-949-2110 or to City Clerk Karen Brower by email or to 750 Lakeside Drive SE, EGR MI 49506.