Weather related policies

Weather related policies

Weather related policies    

The Race Director and the Safety Team will handle all concerns regarding:
  • Change of race start time (delays)
  • Modification of the race format (dropping one leg of the event or all racing the sprint distance)
  • Cancelation of the event


The Rhoades McKee Reeds Lake Triathlon may be canceled, delayed or modified if any of the following weather conditions exist:

  • Tornado Warning
  • Tornado Watch
  • Severe Thunderstorm Warning
  • “Heavy” Rain
  • Lightning
  • Extreme Heat


Communication for cancelations and delays will be broadcasted in the following ways:

  • Updated posting on EGR Parks and Recreation Department website
  • Social Media – Race Facebook page
  • Announcements at event


The race will be delayed a MAXIMUM of 90 minutes  

Any Delay after 60 minutes will result in all athletes racing a Sprint Distance race



The race start will be delayed 30min with a lightning sighting, starting over with each additional sighting.


Heavy Rain

While rain itself is not a danger to athletes and volunteers; rain slicked roadways, standing water and poor visibility are all dangers that may result from heavy rain fall. The Race Director along with the Safety Team will determine if conditions are safe for the race to begin. 


Heavy Winds/Tornadoes

All parties at the race site should be instructed to move to a designated “safe area” if a tornado is present in the area. Safe Areas include: EGR Community Center and EGR High School Pool. Participants, spectators and race workers should use caution if high winds are present, race elements could shift or fall during extreme conditions.


Extreme Heat

The Race Director and the Safety Team will add additional water stations (and increase the variety of items offered at the water stations). Decisions will be made regarding the use of wet suits if the water temperature exceeds the recommended temperature for triathletes.

 Weather related policies PDF

The safety of our participants and volunteers is very important to us.  Our decisions will be based on providing a SAFE and enjoyable experience for all involved. 


Refunds will not be issued.