Blodgett Hospital Construction

The City Commission approved Spectrum Health Blodgett Hospital’s revised site plan at its June 15, 2020, meeting. The approved plans can be found HERE. The presentation given by Spectrum Health at the June 15th meeting can be found HERE.

For complaints or any information regarding Spectrum Health’s ongoing Blodgett Hospital parking and way-finding construction project, please contact Kyle Johnson/Brad Pries at Spectrum Health @

Bi-weekly updates can be found on this Facebook group created by Spectrum Health: 

Site Plan Approval Conditions:

  1. All previous conditions of the 2018 site plan approval still apply.
    • Limit hours and days for construction, as noted in the letter (presentation) from Spectrum Health (7am-6pm weekdays, Saturdays as needed);
    • Restrict routes for construction traffic to designated major streets (Wealthy Street, Plymouth Road, and Lake Drive);
    • Require construction workers to park off-site;
    • Require the applicant to provide the name and contact information of an individual to whom complaints can be directed during construction to
    • Require base-line foundation monitoring of adjacent homes to verify potential construction impacts, as noted in the letter (presentation) from Spectrum Health;
    • Require that all comments in the City engineering consultant’s review letter of April 19 be addressed;
    • Require installation of gas lights and entry signage harmonious with the character of Gaslight Village, as was illustrated in the applicant’s presentation;
    • Monitor and maintain the landscaping to ensure healthy conditions; and
    • Require acoustical panels be installed on the back side of the Plymouth Street walls to mitigate the noise from ambulances.
  2. Spectrum Health will submit quarterly reports to the city detailing resident engagements and concerns received during and after construction, including the name and address of the resident, the date received, the type of issue, and the remedy implemented. Those quarterly reports will be included in the City Commission agenda packets and otherwise be available to the public
  3. Spectrum Health will submit post-construction verification 6 months after occupancy regarding: (a) the resulting traffic impact relative to the Traffic Impact Study findings and operation at or above Level Of Service D under all conditions; and (b) the sufficiency of the available parking and whether it has resulted in a reduction in on-street parking in the surrounding neighborhood. If the Level of Service (LOS) for any intersection is below an LOS D, Spectrum Health will remedy the situation, with approval from the city, to bring the LOS back to a D or better.
  4. Parking spaces on the campus shall be used for staff, patients, and visitors on this campus only. Spaces are not to be leased, sold, or used commercially for non-campus uses without prior city commission approval.