With 80 miles of sidewalks, East Grand Rapids is fortunate to be an easily walkable and bikeable community. These videos were created to help students safely get to and from school.

Keeping our children, teens and adults safe is the top priority of everyone in our City. Our Public Safety Department regularly works with the Schools to ensure best practices are followed. It also partners closely with our Public Works Department, which is responsible for our community’s infrastructure, including roads, sidewalks and crosswalks.

Over the past several months, the Public Works Department has conducted a number of tests and traffic calming measures, which include:

  • During the 2016 Lake Drive project, we performed studies to improve the traffic signal at Lake/Breton/Lakeside for motorists and vehicles. Additionally, bump outs were included in the project to narrow the roadway as a traffic calming measure and to reduce speeds.
  • The 2017 Lake Drive project from Hall to the east city limit included bump outs for traffic calming as well as the construction of a sidewalk extension from Woodshire to the east city limit for pedestrian traffic.
  • Crosswalk pavement markings and signage continue to be updated to current State of Michigan standards.

Our Public Works Department relies on the Michigan Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices to determine everything from speed limits to pavement markings and signage. In addition to the above measures, we regularly perform traffic-engineering reviews/studies in areas where residents show concern. We utilize speed/volume studies and actual pedestrian/vehicle accident data in conjunction with State of Michigan standards when reviews are conducted.

These videos have been generously founded by the East Grand Rapids Community Foundation