2020 Mobility/Bike Action Plan


Help us create our Mobility/Bike Action Plan! 

The City of East Grand Rapids is working with Progressive AE to develop a mobility plan reflective of community priorities by the end of 2020 to inform funding decisions for the next fiscal year. 

We are looking for resident and community member input to help us put this plan together: Where do you like to ride and walk? Are there missing connections? Where are the places you avoid because you feel unsafe? A team of mobility experts will be engaging our community (with proper social distancing) to gather feedback about our biking and walking infrastructure.

Upcoming Public Workshops

Tuesday, Aug. 25, 5 - 7 p.m., John Collins Park
There will be three stations where you will be asked to: 

1. Review proposed vision and goals, confirm if you agree, and identify what is missing 
2. Verify proposed street types and identify priority bicycle and pedestrian routes 
3. Interact with different bicycle facility types that may be implemented in the future 

You can also lend your voice to the conversation by completing our SECOND survey.

Past Public Workshops

Monday, July 27, 5 - 7:30 p.m., John Collins Park
At this meeting, we asked how people get around EGR, what concerns they might have and where new or improved pedestrian and bike facilities are needed. A large map at John Collins Park was filled with comments.

Suggestions from each workshop will be used to create alternative scenarios for the workshops in following workshops.