Manhattan Park Development

Aerial view of Manhattan Park

As part of its 2019/2020 Community Parks & Recreation Plan, EGR's Parks & Recreation Department has begun working on the enhancement of Manhattan Park. Projects currently include updating its multi-use trails.

If you are interested in learning more about these enhancements and providing feedback, please review the following information. We will update this page with upcoming events and details. 



May 18: At its May 17 meeting, the City Commission reviewed and approved the conceptual plans for the Manhattan Park Multi-Use Trails. The City will continue to collaborate with the West Michigan Mountain Biking Alliance and specific work will be presented to the Commission for further approval. 

April 15: At its April 12 meeting, the Parks & Recreation Commission reviewed and approved the Manhattan Park Multi-Use Trails proposal. The project will be presented to the City Commission on May 17.

The City is currently working with the West Michigan Mountain Biking Alliance to enhance the trails in Manhattan Park. This project is in the beginning/planning stages and will be presented to the Parks & Recreation Commission at its April 12 meeting. Plans have not been presented to the City Commission. 

At a neighborhood meeting on March 30 at Manhattan Park, members of the WMMBA stated the goal was to create up to 5k of multi-use trails to allow biking, walking, running and even dog walking. The trails were conceptualized during the 2020 Community Parks & Recreation Plan process to enhance the existing uses of the park. Trails would be constructed by a professional trail building company who will ensure proper drainage, adequate width, and the elimination of some of the invasive plant species found in the woods at Manhattan Park. While the City will approve and oversee the construction of the proposed trails, the WMMBA has agreed to raise half of the funds needed and to maintain the trails after construction.

Feedback Opportunity
Parks & Recreation and the WMMBA want to hear from you! Whether or not you were able to attend the Tuesday, March 30 meeting, please share your thoughts in writing to Mayor Favale and City Commission at 750 Lakeside Drive SE, East Grand Rapids, MI 49506 or by email to City Clerk Karen Brower at


Please note Parks & Recreation is currently focused on the Multi-Use Trails project. Other playground renovations, including the potential construction of splash pads and playgrounds, will be discussed at a later time if/when such a project is considered. We ask those interested in other renovations to stay tuned for additional feedback opportunities.

Call the Parks & Recreation Department with any questions regarding Manhattan Park development at 616.949.1750.