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December 21, 2017 

Christmas Sweater

Wishing you the happiest of holidays from all of us at the City of East Grand Rapids! 


Public Works crews work hard to clear streets and sidewalks clear during the winter season.
Snow and ice removal guidelines prioritize how City plow crews handle snow and ice events. The City clears snow on City streets based on priority and local road routes. Priority routes are considered our major streets, which are plowed and salted as necessary to minimize slippery road surface conditions. Local road routes include all remaining residential streets, which will be plowed after all priority routes have been cleared. Local road routes are lightly salted, as needed, to control slippery conditions. Please click here to view the priority streets route map.  

In the event of significant snow accumulation on one-way and other narrow streets, the City posts temporary ‘no parking’ signs in advance of efforts to remove excess snow. Residents are asked to make every effort to remove vehicles from streets where these signs appear so crews can plow and haul snow out to keep the streets passable and accessible.

City sidewalks are plowed after the accumulation of approximately two inches of snow and on weekends when snow events have concluded. Plow crews clear sidewalk safety routes to schools first and then remaining sidewalks in the City. Sidewalk plowing does not remove snow to bare pavement. Residents are asked to remove the small, residual amount of snow accumulation left after plowing so that ice does not form after thaw/freeze cycles. The City does not provide ice control to sidewalks. Please click to see the priority sidewalk map. 

As a result of plowing streets and sidewalks, snow may be deposited into driveways. Plow crews are sensitive to this issue, however, there is no practical way to plow snow without depositing snow into driveways. Residents are responsible for the removal of this snow. Driveways/sidewalks can be cleared to accept this snow by clearing “pockets” to accept snow from plows as noted in this graphic to “avoid the second shovel.”

Avoid Second Shovel
On occasion mailboxes can be damaged during snow removal. Please click here for some mailbox protection tips and click here to see the City mailbox replacement policy.  

Public Works crews appreciate patience and understanding as they work hard to keep streets and sidewalks cleared throughout the winter season.



Christmas trees, holiday wreaths and other natural plant-based decorations will be picked up on the outlawn by Public Works starting Tuesday, Jan. 2 through Friday, Jan. 12 following regular yard waste collection routes (Monday’s route, Jan. 1, will be collected on Tuesday, Jan. 2). The City is not able to collect trees, wreaths or other holiday decorations that have wire, ornaments, lights, etc. on them as the trees and wreaths are chipped/recycled. Please make sure any of these items placed out are only natural, plant-based material.


City offices will be closed on Monday, Dec. 25 and Tuesday, Dec. 26 for the Christmas holidays. We will also be closed on Monday, Jan. 1 for the New Year's holiday. 

Snow girl


Building snow forts can be a fun winter outdoor activity for children in the community, but it can also be dangerous. The City asks parents to help protect and educate children about appropriate areas to play outside and discuss the dangers with them. City plow crews operate large, heavy equipment and it is difficult to see children playing in the road right of way (area between sidewalk and street) where snow piles can accumulate. Please help make sure children are playing in a safe area that is away from the street.


Contractors hired by residents/businesses must be licensed with the City of East Grand Rapids and adhere to the following regulations: 
  • Snow shall not be deposited in the street or in public sidewalks. 
  • Snow shall be deposited behind the curb (or where curbs do not exist, off the traveled portion of the roadway) along the same side of the street as the driveway being plowed. 
  • Snow shall not be deposited across the street from the driveway being plowed. 
  • Snow shall not be deposited around fire hydrants. 
Licenses may be obtained through the Finance Department. Complaints/concerns with respect to private snow plow contractors may be directed to Public Safety by calling 616.949.7010.

Frozen Pipes


As we face low temperatures again this winter, pipes and water meters can freeze as temperatures remain below freezing for extended periods of time.

The City is responsible for water services from the curb stop in the right-of-way to the water main in the street. Property owners are responsible for their water service from the curb stop to and throughout their property. The City offers the following tips to help protect water service pipes. 


Fats, oils, and grease (FOG) are one of the more common causes of sewer lateral blockages that lead to backups. There are simple steps which residents can take to prevent FOG from adversely affecting their homes and communities. The easiest way to solve grease problems and prevent blockages is to keep FOG out of the sewer system. Here's how you can help prevent sewer backups:
  • Never pour grease down sink drains or into toilets or garbage disposals. 
  • Pour grease into a covered disposable container and put it into the trash. 
  • Soak up remaining fats, oils and grease with paper towels and dispose with your trash. 
  • Before you wash dishes, scrape meats and food with fat and grease into the trash. 
  • Put baskets or strainers in sink drains to catch food scraps and other solids, and empty the drain basket or strainer into the trash. 
  • Only use garbage disposals for fruits, vegetables and organic waste. 

Swim EGR


Create your own water fitness program in 2018!  Parks & Recreation has seven new types of water fitness classes this winter. Jump in the pool and try Aqua Zumba, Water Walking, Aqua Turbo, Noodle Mania, Weights and Waist, Cardio Circuit and Swim, Bike & Run. Classes meet on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7 to 8 p.m. at Wealthy Pool. Sign up for one class or purchase a 10-visit punch card. 
  • Aqua Zumba: 1/9, 2/1 & 3/6 
  • Water Walking: 1/11, 2/6 & 3/8 
  • Aqua Turbo: 1/16, 2/8 & 3/13 
  • Noodle Mania: 1/18, 2/13 & 3/15 
  • Weights & Waist: 1/23, 2/15 & 3/20 
  • Cardio Circuit: 1/25, 2/27 & 3/22 
  • Swim, Bike & Run: 1/30, 3/1 & 3/27 


The City of East Grand Rapids publishes many key indicators of how the government is performing, provides detailed financial and statistical information and welcomes open communication with the local government. Throughout of City’s website, general information can be found about the City. In addition, the City has provided information directly related to accountability and transparency. 

Mom son night


Sports, sports and more sports! Spend some quality time with your son, grandson, nephew or friend during an evening of fun, sports themed games and challenges, a keepsake photo and more. This special event is open to all elementary school-aged boys and their favorite adult date (mom, grandma, aunt or special friend.) Grades Pre-K through 8. Sign up by Friday, Jan. 19 and get a $5 discount. Location: EGR High School

RES / NR  
Couple 34601-A Saturday Jan. 27  5:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Individual 34601-B
Saturday Jan. 27 
5:30 to 8:30 p.m.


If you'd like to deduct your 2017 Winter tax bill on your 2017 income taxes, they must be received at City Hall by December 31, 2017. Payments made after December 31 will be receipted as received in 2018. Also, please note that we cannot take advance payment for 2018 taxes, which have not yet been levied.

EGRCF Annual Appeal 2017


The East Grand Rapids Community Foundation is working to build their permanent endowment fund this year to provide a steady stream of funding into the future. The EGRCF raises funds and provides grants for projects that enhance the quality of life in East Grand Rapids. Past projects include assisting with the phases of the Reeds Lake Trail, wayfinding signs, memorials, the tree lighting ceremony and Taste of East events, historical artifact preservation and our annual bike lock/education program at the middle school. Additional information and an online donation link can be found at

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