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East Express | April 5, 2018 


Master Plan

The master plan is currently in the 42-day review process. The public is invited to all upcoming City Commission meetings to provide input and feedback on the current draft. For the latest information on the master plan, click here.  


Is that old fence looking like it can’t stand up much longer or are you thinking of installing a new one? You won’t need a building permit, but there are some city ordinance rules that you should be aware of. 
  • You can install a solid privacy fence up to six feet high in the rear yard of most lots. Remember, if there is a structural side, it must face your lot. 
  • Side yards, corner lots and front yards can be trickier. Clear vision rules apply. All front yard fences are limited to a height of three feet or less and they must be at least half open space, like a picket fence. 
  • As with all landscaping features, stay back at least a foot from the public sidewalk to avoid damage to the fence and injury to our plow drivers. Even a low retaining wall, step or timber can cause serious problems unless it is set back at least a foot. 
  • We always encourage you to talk to your neighbors before you start. Make sure that you agree on where the property boundaries are. 
Questions? Give us a call at 616.940.4817.  The fence ordinance can be found here


Boats, Trailers and RV’s

Are you dreaming of getting your big toys out and ready for the season? Outdoor storage of boats, trailers and RVs is allowed for up to 72 hours on streets and driveways. Otherwise, they must be stored indoors, or in a rear yard only, and then they must be reasonably shielded from view. Not all properties can accommodate such storage, so you might have to seek offsite storage for your recreational units.

Placement of Refuse & Recycling Containers

As a reminder, refuse carts and recycling containers are required to be placed inside a building or at the rear or side of a building at a place which is reasonably inconspicuous, but shall be accessible to the waste hauler. Licensed EGR waste haulers are required to collect refuse carts and recycling containers from just outside, rear or side of your home on your collection day and then return them back to their locations. These containers should not be placed out at the street at any time or for any reason.


Yard Waste Pickup

Yard waste pickup has officially begun. Please remember that all waste must be placed in bags or bins and kept in the outlawn, not in the streets. For more details and additional pickup regulations, click here

Spectrum Health – Blodgett Hospital Proposed Site Plan

Spectrum Health has submitted a site plan for changes to the Blodgett campus parking and wayfinding.  A special Planning Commission meeting is planned for Tuesday, April 24 at 5:30 p.m. in the Commission Chambers at the Community Center. Please note this meeting has been rescheduled from April 10. Information on plans can be found here.


2018 Street & Sidewalk Construction Projects 

For the latest construction information, including project listings and timelines, click here

Water Main Maintenance  

Crews will be exercising street valves in zones 3, 4 and 5 April 2 - 13 from 7 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Additionally, beginning April 16 - middle/end of May, water mains will be flushed (flowing water through fire hydrants) from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

During this work, service to your home may be interrupted or you may experience water discoloration (rusty water). If you do, run the cold water faucet closest to your service entrance (usually the washtub in your basement) until the water runs clear. Afterwards, run all other faucets to clear all water lines. Do not do laundry until all water lines run clear.

If you have any questions, contact Public Works at 940.4870 during regular business hours. For after hour emergencies, please call Public Safety at 949.7010.  


Lower Grand River Organizations of Watersheds

LGROW brings together local municipalities and community stakeholders in a unique format to address issues facing the Lower Grand River and its watersheds. LGROW promotes community education and sustainable use of our river resource. Read their latest newsletter here

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