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East Express | December 6, 2018


At Monday’s Commission meeting, our city officials adopted an ordinance that will prohibit the commercial growth and retail sale of marihuana in the East Grand Rapids business district until June 2020. This does not affect individual use. To learn more about this decision and details of the ordinance, click here

SIP & SHOP 2018

Gaslight Village retailers will be keeping their doors open a little longer than usual next Thursday, Dec. 13 for the Holiday Sip & Shop. From 6-9 p.m., they will be offering exclusive deals, promotions and celebratory beverages for a fun and relaxing evening of holiday shopping. Check out the Holiday Sip & Shop Facebook event page for the event’s complete details.


The East Grand Rapids Public Schools Community Budget Guide has been updated to reflect the 2018-2019 budget. This guide is designed as a tool to provide continued transparency and information to community members regarding the complexities and challenges surrounding the development of the East Grand Rapids Public Schools' annual budget. Click here to review the guide.


Please note, property taxes were mailed on Dec. 1 and are due on or before February 14. For more information on Property Taxes, click here


Fall leaf pickup ends tomorrow, Friday, December 7. Yard waste service will commence again on Monday of the first full week of April.


The best time of year to trim and prune most trees/shrubs is during winter months. Since they are dormant during this period, trimming/pruning is less stressful, and they have more time to adequately seal and heal before the growing season starts. Disease and insects that can be harmful to trees/shrubs are also absent during winter months.

Trees/shrubs that impede onto sidewalks can cause damage to plow equipment, the trees and shrubs themselves or adjacent lawns as City sidewalk plow operators try to avoid a collision. Taking time to trim trees/shrubs at this time of year will help the health of the trees/shrubs, improve access on sidewalks and help City sidewalk plow operators clear snow from sidewalks.

The City Code requires the owners of trees and shrubs on private property that overhang any street or sidewalk to keep them trimmed back to 10 feet in height in order to make sure that trees/shrubs do not impact traffic, vision and pedestrian traffic. Property owners/residents that have tree/shrub growth that impedes into the public right-of-way for streets and sidewalks may receive an ordinance violation notice that requires corrective action. The ordinance authorizes the City to trim back any limbs/branches that create a safety or property damage concern for sidewalk plow operators.


Contractors hired by residents/businesses must be licensed with the City of East Grand Rapids and adhere to the following regulations:
  • Snow shall not be deposited in the street, in public sidewalks or around fire hydrants 
  • Snow shall not be deposited across the street from the driveway being plowed. 
  • Snow shall be deposited behind the curb (or where curbs do not exist, off the traveled portion of the roadway) along the same side of the street as the driveway being plowed. 
Licenses may be obtained through the Finance Department. Complaints/concerns with respect to private snow plow contractors may be directed to the Department of Public Safety by calling 616.949.7010. Please provide as much detailed information as possible when reporting complaints, for example time/date, what occurred, business name, plate number and photos or video if possible.


The East Grand Rapids Community Foundation serves as a catalyst to improve and enhance the life of the residents and visitors of our community. Thanks to supporters, the foundation can provide funding outside the scope of the city budget, accomplishing projects that enrich, enhance, educate and engage the city we call home. Make your gift today. 


EGR High School Athletics is holding a Christmas Tree sale in Gerken Plaza at Memorial Field. Head over to support EGR sports and purchase a beautiful tree. Hours are weeknights 5-8 pm, Saturday 9 am - 6 pm, and Sunday noon - 6 pm. The Spirit Shop is open during the tree sale hours except on Sunday.


The Parks & Recreation Department offers programs for people of all ages, not only children! Acrylic Painting, Drawing and the new Cake Decorating classes are a great way to get involved with the community and meet people with similar interests. Learn more information and register on the Parks & Rec website.


Did you know that water polo is one of the fastest growing sports in the country? EGR HS Varsity Coach Justin “Bus” Hulsebus and his team members are leading the brand-new introductory water polo program. Registration is now open for eager participants ages 5-12. Register here.


This is the last call for 3rd-6th grade boys wishing to participate in the upcoming basketball season. Running from Jan. 7 through Mar. 9, practice is held once a week leading up to Saturday games at the EGR Middle School. The cost on or before Dec. 10 is $67 for residents and $81 for nonresidents. To register, call the Parks and Recreation Department at 616.949.1750 or click here


Every year, Public Works collects Christmas trees, wreaths and other natural plant-based decorations that have been left outside after the holidays. The crews will pick up these decorations following regular yard waste collection routes from Monday, Jan. 7 through Friday, Jan. 18. The City is not able to collect trees, wreaths or other holiday decorations that have wire, ornaments, lights, etc. on them as the trees and wreaths are chipped/recycled.

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