I missed my pick up! What now?
If it's your household trash or recycle, call your hauler. Yard waste, fall leaves and Christmas trees will be picked up on your next scheduled date. Large brush piles that may require special equipment are noted by the crews for Friday pickup. If you have missed the seasonal pick up dates, you will either have to store the material or call a private hauler. Unfortunately, there is no drop off site in East Grand Rapids.

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1. I missed my pick up! What now?
2. Does the City pick up ornamental grasses?
3. What day does my yard waste get picked up?
4. What is the schedule for yard waste pickup when a holiday falls during the week?
5. What are the schedule and guidelines for fall leaf collection?
6. When does yard waste collection resume in the Spring?
7. Why didn't branches get picked up on my collection day?
8. When does the City pick up Christmas trees and other holiday greenery?