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Buddy Request

  1. Must complete a separate form for each child and each sport.

    The buddy system is designed to allow children to know at least one child on their team. It may also help families with carpool issues. We are requiring both children’s parents to complete and sign the buddy request form to be valid. The form must be completed in person or on line so we know that you, the registrants, have requested your child to play with one other child. The request is limited to one buddy per child and must be completed by the program deadline. Due to various criteria, the “Buddy System” does not guarantee that your request will be honored. This is a service our department provides for our patrons.

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  5. One buddy per child. We will not honor coach requests. *

    Due to various criteria, the "Buddy System" does not guarantee your request will be granted. This is a service our department provides for our patrons. I understand that all information submitted to the City of East Grand Rapids is considered public information and subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act.

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