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Special Event Permit Application

  1. Pemit Fee

    Applicant must call the Parks & Recreation Department at 616-949-1750 to pay the permit fee before the application will be processed. Your event date will not be secure until payment is received. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Office hours are M-F 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

  2. This permit must be completed and submitted at least 60 days before the scheduled event. The Parks and Recreation Commission will review permit applications and are responsible for final approval.

  3. Will you have a medical service provider onsite?*

  4. Name of medical service provider?

  5. Describe the location of the event and/or start and finish area if it is a race.

  6. Does this event require road closures?*

  7. Will you require Public Safety Officer involvement for your event?*

  8. 1. Map or layout of the event must be submitted before the application will be considered for approval.

    Highlight the course, route or location of the event on a map and upload using the link below.

  9. 2. All runs must have a lead and trail vehicle. Lead vehicle must have roof top signal with lights and a trail vehicle behind last participant.

  10. 3. All events requiring road closures must alert residents along the route or race course at least one week in advance of the event.

    The information can be conveyed by going door to door, mailer, postcard, flier etc... The information should include name of event, contact person, date, start and end time, location, course map and a short description of the event. A copy of the information must be submitted to the Parks & Recreation Department for our records.

  11. 3. Applicant must submit proof of insurance in the following amounts at least 10 days prior to the event:

    Automobile public liability and property damage for owner and non-owner vehicles in the amount of ($300,000) per occurrence for personal injury and ($500,000) per occurrence for property damage. b. Public liability insurance with a minimum combined single limit of personal injury and property damage liability coverage: ($1,000,000). c. All insurance must name the City of East Grand Rapids and East Grand Rapids Public Schools as an additional insured.

  12. 4. The permit holder shall agree to clean the route or event site of any litter and trash caused by the event. If the permit holder fails or refuses to properly clean the site or course, thus requiring City Staff to perform further clean up; additional charges will be billed to the permit holder for services.

  13. 5. If additional Public Safety or E-Unit personnel have to be called in to cover the event, charges will be billed to the permit holder for these services.

  14. 6. If additional equipment or services are requested from one of the City Departments, a separate charge will be billed to the organizer. Permit holder should contact the specific department for individual department charges.

    Items may include barricades, road closed signs, cones, etc...

  15. 7. When submitting a Special Event Permit application, a fee of $250 payable to the City of East Grand Rapids, must be paid before your date will be secured and your request placed on the Parks & Recreation Commission agenda. In the event this application is not approved the permit fee will NOT be refunded.

  16. 8. A disclaimer statement is required on your registration/application form. Releasing the City of East Grand Rapids and East Grand Rapids Public Schools from all liability. Either by special reference to the City of East Grand Rapids and East Grand Rapids Public Schools or by a general disclaimer statement that would exclude the City as a host organization. A copy of your registration/application form, which contains the disclaimer statement, must be provided at least 10 days prior to your event.

  17. Agreement*

    I, as the permit applicant, have read and agree to the above regulations and the Special Event Permit Guidelines. I understand that all information submitted to the City of East Grand Rapids is considered public information and subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act.

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