2020 Mobility/Bike Action Plan

Mobility/Bike Action Plan; Updates & Community Engagement Opportunities

The Mobility/Bike Action Plan is almost ready!

The City of East Grand Rapids is working with Progressive AE and Aligned Planning to develop a mobility plan reflective of community priorities by the end of 2020 to inform funding decisions for the next fiscal year. This plan, which includes 2021 Hall Street Project information, will be presented to the City Commission at its March 29 meeting.

Thank you to those who attended the multiple engagement sessions, participated in the demonstration and/or provided feedback on EGR’s biking and walking infrastructure via the community survey. This information was taken into great consideration as the department and its partners created the plan.


EGR Mobility/Bike Action Plan (March 2021)

EGR Mobility/Bike Action Plan Update (November 2020)